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Book(s) Suggestions on the Problem of Evil?

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  • Book(s) Suggestions on the Problem of Evil?

    This is not an issue im particularly familiar with, and I wish to change that.

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    Some major works on the POE can be found in articles rather than full length works

    Major articles are:

    Theodore Guleserian's 'God and Possible Worlds', a brilliant piece which introduces the Modal Problem of Evil.

    William Rowe's 'The Problem of Evil and Some Varieties of Atheism', which presents a careful discussion of the Evidential Problem

    Stephen Wykstra's “The Humean Obstacle to Evidential Arguments from Suffering: On Avoiding the Evils of Appearance' which presents an early formulation of sceptical theism

    Paul Draper's Pain and Pleasure: An Evidential Problem for Theists' deals with the problem of annimal suffering

    As for books

    Plantinga's God Freedom and Evil is probably the most important work on the topic in the last centuary. It certainly revolutionised debate on the Logical Problem of Evil. For a follow-up on the Evidential Problem his debate with Michael Tooley, Knoweldge of God, is worth checking out. Quentin Smith's Ethical and Religious Thought in Analytic Philosophy of Language gives a new version of the Logical Problem based on the status of freedom as a perfection. John Hick's Evil and the God of Love is an older work which sets out the soul-making account of evil.

    Eleonore Stump's Wandering in Darkness is likely the best Thomist account. Avoid Brian Davies' The Reality of God and the Problem of Evil - despite the interesting premise it's muddle-headed, filled with maliciues strawmen and emotive moral handwringing.
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      Daniel is right, the best work is found in articles rather than books but there are some important books.

      Best place to look for reading material on topics like these is to look into some major introductory articles and check the references provided within. You can then read up more detail on different talking points. There are many in this case.

      There is much more to cover but this will do if you just want an intro.