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How To Start a Reading Group and Guidelines

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  • How To Start a Reading Group and Guidelines

    We now have the ability to open private forums that people with some tags will be able to access but others without won't. If you would like one, please follow these steps and guidelines:

    How To

    1. Get at least three people who are willing to participate in a reading group. A reading group should involve both reading and discussion. If you're reading the text without discussing it, you don't really need a group. (You can read on your own.) If you're discussing without reading, you can do that in the general forum.
    2. Pick one or more texts to read. This is so that everyone knows what they're in for when joining and can decide whether they have time accordingly. (Far too often people join reading groups without considering the time and effort it will take to participate, and then after the first week or two the group suddenly dies.)
    3. PM Administrator with the names of the participants and the text(s).


    1. The texts don't have to be philosophy texts, but they should be clearly and directly related to classical theism, philosophy, or religion.
    2. There is no lower limit to the number of texts required for a reading group. Some might wish to organize a reading group for a single, difficult text, like Kant's Critique of Pure Reason or one of the older, longer theological works.
    3. If you want to advertise a potential reading group idea, please post in this thread. For instance, if you want to start a reading group centered around Maimonides's writings and post a general notice, please do so in this thread.
    4. This forum supports reading groups in English, French, German, and ecclesiastical Latin, but we prefer that discussions happen in English so that the majority of members can understand.
    5. If you have questions about starting a reading group, please either PM Administrator or post in this thread.

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    I probably won't start another reading group, but I might be interested in joining one someone else starts. Just putting it out there.