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    While the vBulletin forum is under construction, I'll be keeping a running list of updates here. I ask that others do the same:
    • I've corrected the issue with the forum name.
    • I've added a list of all current default skins to the bottom lefthand corner of the screen. (Don't worry. There will be more. If required, we will find a way to pay to have a skin and logo designed professionally for the forum.) Users are encouraged to use whichever they like most.
    • I've added tags that moderators can (on request) add to forum members who wish to identify themselves a specific way (Thomist, Maimonidean, etc). This will let posters know whether the person replying to them actually agrees with the position they're (for example) seeking help defending, or whether they disagree with it but are trying to be helpful, or what have you. I'm also open to creating tags for people who wish to advertise their academic level (e.g. graduate) or background (e.g. economics).
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    • I've opened an introductions forum. I find it helps to have some context for interpreting people's comments. If I know a poster is fourteen, I'll cut them more slack for acting certain ways than I would a grown man. If I know that a poster has a philosophy degree, I'll try to write in a less didactic tone than I would for someone who is completely new to philosophy. If I know that someone is a student in a field they're talking about, I'll take their comments prima facie more seriously than I would someone else's. And so on. People who don't introduce themselves will have to rely completely on our interpretation of the comments they write in themselves. Some people prefer this.
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      Originally posted by John West View Post
      People who don't introduce themselves will have to rely completely on our interpretation of the comments they write in themselves.
      Will there be an introduction of mods/admins by themselves also? (so that members would see who's doing the interpreting)


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        I didn't just mean interpretation by moderators. I meant anyone who talks to anyone on a philosophy forum.

        I personally don't intend to introduce myself. You guys have over a thousand posts by me to read on the other forum (and I only started chopping up my posts after I hit around nine hundred). I also write quite clearly. I trust that you all have more than enough to figure out what I'm saying.

        I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be around, anyway. I'm in the middle of moving to another continent, where I'll be living and philosophizing in my third language. I'll have even less time to volunteer on here than I have for the last year.