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When is philosophical skepticism wrong?

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  • When is philosophical skepticism wrong?

    Given a teleological understanding of the human being as a rational substance whose intellect is aimed at thr attainment of truth, when would skepticism be seen as wrong? When would we call skepticism something that acts contrary to this end, instead of motivating it. Often I find myself captivated by a near-scrupulous sort of skepticism and it's hard to delineate when such skepticism is warranted--that is, properly refraining my will from devoting itself to something that isn't evidently true--and when it's not.

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    Always, considering philosophical skepticism is absurd when it ignores our seemings-based justifications or self-evident truths. It's a very interesting topic to study, but not a view to adopt

    That's not to say there isn't a kind of healthy skepticism, but it would be one motivated by common sense or experience - such as being careful not to jump to conclusions about complex matters without a good dose of reflection, and being careful about miracle reports (though obviously not to the irrational extent suggested by, say, Hume).

    What you describe has more to do with emotional issues (anxiety, fear, and so on) than rational or philosophical ones. A varying emotional epistemic value is not representative of a person's consistent and reflective epistemic values. For example, a theist can be pretty much an atheist on some days, motivated by his own epistemic anxieties (happens a lot woth, say, the problem of evil), even though that would not really be a good representation of that person's actual epistemic beliefs.

    It's more likely than not that you are suffering from axieties and emotional issues and end up rationalizing them with philosophical concerns.


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      Philosophical scepticism is more of an ideal drive that pushes us to formulate ever clearer foundations for knoweledge.

      I will say though if philosophical scepticism cuts off the road to God how much more so must it completely bar the way to the voting booth. Philosophical sceptics of varying political stripes have a tendancy to forget this...
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