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Brian Davies on the problem of evil

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  • Brian Davies on the problem of evil

    I'm struggling with Brian Davies' account of the link between God and evil. (Presumably, it's also the account of Aquinas, but I'm going to let this matter to exegetes.) If we can't say that God is a moral agent, and that he's good only by analogy, I don't see what impacts it can have on the situation.

    For example, let's imagine a baby born, and instantly being eaten by a lion passing by. Even if the lion needed to eat, shouldn't the baby have an afterlife, to fullfill its potentials?
    Another one: would it be possible for God to miraculously create a sentient being only experiencing suffering?

    If the answers are yes for the first, no for the second, how is that different to say that goodness is univocal between the creator and creatures ? If the answers are not those, it doesn't seem that God is good in an adequate way.

    (Obviously, I'm only talking about suffering here. But still, my point stands.)