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Divine revelation requires something like the Catholic Church

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  • Divine revelation requires something like the Catholic Church

    The Catholic Church claims to preserve the teachings of Christ and, consequently, the will of God, through its structure. Papal infallibility, the sacraments, conferred spiritual authority through ordination, all act as structural implements intended to keep pure the Logos. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the Church, its structure and the historical development of its practices are a beautiful testament to its rigid sense of duty towards being the Body of Christ on earth.

    The blatant lack of this structure is a difficulty I find with many non-denominational churches who preach their take on Christ and His teachings. And many will admit to this too, finding a strange sense of pride in living their faith as individuals... letting the Spirit guide them or whatever. No divine mechanisms are in place to preserve the Word, rather the non-denominational churches are left to aimlessly figure it out, with no assurance of their accuracy. At most they rely on in-church consensus or historical assumptions--sola scriptural being one of them. I find it incredibly implausible that, if God became man, He would entrust His revelation to the fallible opinions of humans, putting no divine authority as an institution to guide and teach, but preferring to leave His truth to the whims of the individual man.